Versatile use of ozonated water
Ozonated water is already known to many of us as a mouthwash, but its applications go much further. This article sheds light on the variety of ways ozonated water can be used, from improving taste to disinfecting various everyday items. We also present simple methods by which you can use ozonated water at home for personal hygiene and improving skin health.
Fluoride-free toothpaste: Natural care for healthy teeth
Quick summary In this extended blog post we look at toothpaste ingredients, particularly the role of fluoride and the benefits...
The NYO Perfect Smile ozone irrigator is a breakthrough in oral hygiene. The use of ozone allows you to eliminate bacteria, viruses and fungi, which effectively prevents the development of diseases such as caries or periodontitis. Regular use of this device contributes to a healthy and beautiful smile for years.
NYO at KrakDent 2024 – Make an appointment for a personal meeting!

NYO at KrakDent 2024 – Personal meetings

NYO is pleased to announce its participation in the KrakDent 2024 fair in Krakow, which will take place from April 11 to 13. We invite you to meet us in person. Those interested can arrange meetings via WhatsApp or e-mail.

In summary, choosing the right electric toothbrush is crucial to maintaining your oral health. Nyo Pro Sonic stands out from other products available on the market thanks to its exceptional power, durability, ease of use, long battery life, affordable costs of purchasing and replacing heads, attractive design and ecological packaging. Additionally, Nyo provides excellent product availability and customer support, which, combined with its established reputation and expertise in electric toothbrushes, make Nyo Pro Sonic the best choice for those looking for a high-quality daily oral hygiene solution. We encourage you to try Nyo Pro Sonic and experience a new quality of tooth cleaning that is not only effective, but also environmentally friendly.
Maximize the life of your sonic toothbrush: Expert advice for optimal care and durability
Find out more about the revolutionary impact of sonic toothbrushes on your oral health. While traditional toothbrushes only cleaned by mechanical scrubbing, sonic toothbrushes use high-frequency sound waves to remove plaque and bacteria more effectively and gently. This technology not only provides a more thorough cleaning, but also a gentler experience that protects gums and removes tartar more effectively than ever before. In this article, we will show you how to maximize the life of your sonic toothbrush and keep it in optimal condition.
Sonic Electric Toothbrushes: The Key to a Bright Smile and Optimal Oral Health The goal of achieving a flawless, white...
The sonic toothbrush revolution: why is the battery so important?
In a world where technology and design go hand in hand, the NYO sonic toothbrush stands out for its exceptional performance and elegance. the key to its extraordinary efficiency is choosing the right battery. At NYO we understand that it is not only aesthetics that counts, but also the internal power, driven by the most modern battery technology.
Sonic toothbrush from Nyo - makes brushing your teeth a pleasure!
Sonic toothbrush from Nyo - makes brushing your teeth a pleasure! The alarm clock rings: you crawl tiredly out of...
What type of toothbrush is best for me?
Most people dream of their teeth being bright and healthy for a long time. Brushing your teeth with an appropriate...