Pro Sonic sonic toothbrush

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Healthier dental care with sonic technology.

  • Whiter teeth in just 2 weeks
  • Effective removal of tartar and plaque
  • Intelligent 2-minute timer for optimal cleaning
  • 2-year warranty
  • Replacement head indicator
  • Innovative technology made in Germany
  • Waterproof casing IPX8
  • Powerful axial motor with speeds up to 64,000 VPM
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Battery life of up to 70 days
  • 12 cleaning modes
  • In a warehouse
  • Inventory on the way
Discover the latest innovations in tooth cleaning
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1 x sonic toothbrush

2 x replacement heads

1 x designer travel case

1 x inductive charging station with cable USB charging port and AC adapter

1 x user manual

    Why is it worth choosing sonic technology?

    Research clearly shows that sonic toothbrushes are more effective than manual toothbrushes. Our NYO Pro Sonic sonic toothbrush achieves up to 64,000 axial vibrations per minute and uses high-frequency sound energy to effectively remove surface discolorations. For radiantly white teeth and healthy gums. See for yourself!

    A masterpiece of technology

    Our sonic toothbrush is equipped with an efficient battery that lasts for an impressive 70 days of operation! The axially floating motor is extremely quiet and operates smoothly at a level of 50 dB. This advanced technology ensures effective yet gentle cleaning. See for yourself how this high-performance engine exceeds your expectations!

    Hygiene meets efficiency

    Thanks to the IPX8 certification, Nyo Pro Sonic is completely waterproof. No more worries about water or moisture damage. It also has a special coating that provides exceptional comfort. This innovative leather effectively absorbs vibrations, making dental care more comfortable while ensuring a gentle but thorough cleaning. The perfect combination of hygiene and efficiency!

    Brush heads with nano bristles

    Discover our revolutionary premium brush heads, made with premium nano bristles for impressive cleanliness. A unique tongue cleaning brush built into the back allows for comprehensive oral care by effectively removing bacteria and plaque from the tongue. Our brush heads are made of high-quality compostable TPE material and are eco-friendly. Not only do they provide deep cleaning, but they also help protect our planet.

    Smart cleaning, radiant smile

    Pro Sonic features a haptic, integrated quadrant timer that ensures even cleaning of every area of ​​the mouth. Combined with our 4 cleaning modes, each with 3 different strengths, you can achieve optimal dental care. Perfect for balanced dental care and a perfect smile.

    Try it for 30 days

    Satisfied or your money back

    Take advantage of our 30-day money-back guarantee and test our sonic toothbrush completely risk-free at home. If you are not completely satisfied, you can return the device within 30 days of purchase for a refund.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 187 reviews
    A. Lewandowska
    Nie musi być droga marka.

    Długotrwała bateria, dobre uczucie czystości. Jestem pozytywnie zaskoczony stosunkiem ceny do jakości. Zdecydowanie polecam zakup.


    Świetne szczoteczki do zębów, super funkcje i długi czas działania baterii, do tego wyglądają świetnie! Kupiłam od razu dla siebie i mojego męża.


    Świetny design, to mnie najpierw przyciągnęło, a wsparcie młodego start-upu było drugim powodem. Nie żałuję, uważam, że ta szczoteczka do zębów jest cudowna.

    Cudowna szczoteczka do zębów

    Cicha, stylowa, z mnóstwem świetnych funkcji i naprawdę świetnie czyści!

    Super szczoteczka do zębów

    Ta szczoteczka do zębów jest wspaniała. Jeszcze nigdy nie miałem tak gładkich zębów."

    Enjoy sparkling clean teeth and relaxing brushing with the NYO sonic toothbrush.

    Can't wait to brush your teeth in the morning and evening? Brushing your teeth daily is often more of a chore than a pleasure. At NYO, we want to change that with our Pro Sonic sonic toothbrush. Our toothbrush, designed specifically with dental health in mind, cleans them much more effectively than traditional manual toothbrushes. Our product achieved excellent results in our comparative tests. So if you are looking for the best sonic toothbrush, NYO is the perfect choice. Find out how sonic toothbrushes work and what makes the NYO sonic toothbrush so special on our website.

    How does the NYO sonic toothbrush achieve its impressive cleaning performance?

    The name "sonic toothbrush" may be misleading at first because it does not clean directly through sound, but through quick movements, which can be felt as vibrations. The Pro Sonic toothbrush is an advanced electric toothbrush that uses up to 64,000 axial vibrations per minute to achieve exceptionally effective cleaning. Unlike conventional electric toothbrushes, whose brush heads move from top to bottom, the sonic toothbrush head glides gently over the teeth. This high frequency is driven by a transducer in the handpiece. The generated sound waves create a dynamic fluid flow that effectively cleans even hard-to-reach areas between teeth.

    How to achieve perfect teeth cleaning with a sonic toothbrush?

    The high-frequency up and down movements of the NYO sonic toothbrush make brushing your teeth easy and gentle on your gums. Without applying pressure, just hold the brush head at the optimal angle to your teeth - the sonic toothbrush will do the rest automatically. This ease of use makes it ideal for all ages, including children and seniors. The sonic toothbrush should be guided gently and evenly along the teeth, avoiding sudden movements. Be careful not to press too hard so as not to damage the enamel. Correct application takes about 2 minutes, which is enough to effectively clean your teeth.

    The NYO sonic toothbrush makes daily tooth cleaning easier and better.

    The NYO sonic toothbrush is equipped with an innovative quadrant timer with a memory function. It remembers the last cleaning mode you used, so the next time you brush your teeth you can pick up right where you left off. To thoroughly clean your teeth, brush each quadrant of your teeth for 30 seconds - a total of 2 minutes - in the recommended order: starting with the outside of your upper teeth, then the outside at the bottom, then the inside and chewing surfaces at the top, and finally the the inner side and the chewing surfaces below.

    Haptic feedback shows exactly when to move to the next quadrant. The main advantage is the hydrodynamic effect: the movements of the brush head ensure that the mixture of toothpaste and saliva reaches even the furthest recesses of the interdental spaces, leading to an optimal brushing effect.

    The correct angle is the key to effective tooth cleaning

    To achieve optimal cleaning results with a sonic toothbrush, it is important to position the bristles at a 45° angle to the teeth, exactly where gums are running out. This helps you reach even those nooks and crannies where food remnants may be hiding. The oscillating movements of the brush head ensure that the bristles effectively remove food particles, bacteria and plaque from hard-to-reach places, and the sonic toothbrush is easy to use.

    It may seem a bit unfamiliar at first, but the right brushing routine will soon make you feel comfortable. that it will be easy for you. Two minutes of brushing will pass quickly. Here are some tips: Use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste. First, turn the toothbrush in your mouth to avoid splatter on the bathroom mirror. It is best to position the brush head at a 45° angle and brush your teeth in the recommended quadrants. We recommend replacing your brush head every 2-3 months. In our store you can find matching brush heads in a set, which also saves you money. It is recommended to always have a spare brush head on hand so as not to forget to replace it regularly. Even if the brush head still appears intact, it should be replaced after three months at the latest for hygiene reasons, as the invisible bacterial coating on the bristles increases with each use.

    Children and sonic toothbrushes: thorough tooth cleaning thanks to gentle technology

    Good news: even children can clean their teeth effectively with a sonic toothbrush. Dentists recommend using sonic toothbrushes for children from about 3 or 4 years of age. For individual advice, it is worth consulting your dentist or a specialist pediatric dentist. It is important that children first learn to thoroughly clean all areas of their teeth - the internal and external surfaces, as well as the chewing surfaces - this skill is also essential when using a sonic toothbrush.

    A definite advantage of an electric toothbrush for children is its ability to thoroughly clean even hard-to-reach places that children are often unable to reach with their still developing motor skills. That's why it's worth choosing a special, child-friendly brush head, which you can also find in our NYO online store. Child-friendly brush heads have a round head with rounded bristles for gentle but thorough cleaning.

    And yes, sonic toothbrushes are actually more effective. Clinical studies show that brushing teeth with a sonic toothbrush is much more effective than with conventional manual toothbrushes. The large brush head cleans several teeth at once, shortens brushing time and is perfect for saving time in the morning. This type of tooth cleaning is also particularly beneficial for patients with periodontal disease and people wearing fixed orthodontic appliances.

    The question of the best sonic toothbrush depends largely on individual needs and preferences

    Sonic toothbrushes are the next step in the evolution of electric toothbrushes and are undoubtedly the best thing you can do for your oral hygiene. When choosing the ideal model, you should take into account several key factors that affect both cleaning results and comfort of use. Our NYO Pro Sonic sonic toothbrush meets all these requirements flawlessly.

    • Optimized vibration frequency: The ideal vibration frequency is crucial. Our Pro Sonic sonic toothbrush achieves up to 64,000 axial vibrations per minute and also offers four customizable cleaning modes to meet different needs - from gentle to powerful cleaning modes.
    • Diversified cleaning modes: With four adjustable modes, Pro Sonic perfectly adapts to the needs of people with sensitive necks and users with strong teeth.
    • Long battery life: Even with daily use, the battery of our sonic toothbrushes lasts up to seven weeks and can be easily charged at the practical inductive charging station with USB port or using the included mains adapter.
    • Built-in timer: The built-in timer ensures that you always follow the recommended brushing time.
    • High quality motor: We use high quality electric motors in waterproof housings to ensure durability and reliability.
    • Customizable brush heads: Choose from two different brush head types to optimize your individual dental care.

    NYO Pro Sonic is available in elegant black or elegant white, with interchangeable heads color-matched to highlight your personal style.

    Buy a sonic toothbrush from NYO: Get your convenient starter kit now

    Want to revolutionize your dental care with an effective and comfortable sonic toothbrush? Choose our comprehensive NYO Starter Kit, which offers everything you need for optimal teeth cleaning. The set includes the sonic toothbrush itself, a practical battery charging station and an elegant travel case. In our store you will also find suitable replacement brush heads for normal and sensitive teeth.

    Benefit from free shipping on every order in our store. With our constantly available stock, we guarantee fast delivery within 1 to 2 days. By the way: our sonic toothbrushes are also the perfect gift for occasions such as Christmas or birthdays. We offer high-quality products at a fair price-quality ratio, so everyone can enjoy the benefits of comfortable oral hygiene. And for even more toothbrushing pleasure, our sonic toothbrushes are also available in a practical double pack for families.

    Are you ready to discover the best sonic toothbrush for you? We look forward to your order and are here to revolutionize your oral health!